SBS Total FM are now Rolec Approved Installers for EV chargepoints

SBS Total Facilities Management Ltd are delighted to announce that they are now Approved Installers of ROLEC EV Chargepoints

With growing numbers of electric cars and van fleets, the demand for Electrical Vehicle Charging Points (EV chargepoints) continues to grow. Since 2013, Britain has seen a large increase of registered electric vehicles such as plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles. Along with electric van fleets, the amount of electric vehicles on Britain’s road are at an all time high, at around 135,000 registered EVs. With this growth, the government have started to offer OLEV grants to encourage people to switch to EV’s and fill up with electric, as opposed to petrol and diesel.

SBS Total FM are now approved to install a variety of different charging solutions, designed and manufactured by Rolec. From the inexpensive EV Ready WallPod to the well refined and feature-rich EV ControlCentre, we are able to tailor our service to any budget and location. EV chargepoints can be installed by SB STFM a maximum of 10 metres away from a power supply, providing your home complies with current IE regulations and you have a suitable electric capacity.

This is a great opportunity for SBS Total FM and their clients. SBS Total FM will now be offering OLEV approved installations for both domestic and commercial properties. As well as this, they can also help with applications for OLEV grants that are being offered. With installers located nationwide, SBS TFM can provide these services quickly and effectively.